Bespoke Liquidity

Bespoke Liquidity

We can help unlock liquidity by using a number of bespoke market types and solutions. The best solution will consider the needs of the company, its shareholders and the transferability of the shares.

Below are a few case studies which highlight the flexibility of our platform.

Creating liquidity for BrewDog

BrewDog Plc

Since 2009 BrewDog, the irreverent Aberdeen based craft brewery, have successfully completed three ‘Equity for Punks’ share issues with the most recent iteration at £47 per share.

An early promise to shareholders to provide liquidity was made possible when BrewDog joined Asset Match.

Buyers and sellers were corralled in a five hour auction in November 2014 where 220 investors took part. Participants were able to see the range of bids and offers which spanned from £25 to £300 and adjust their orders accordingly.

As a result, 118 individuals traded successfully. The smallest seller sold just one share while the largest buyer invested over £80,000.

At the close, shares were transacted at £125 per share giving BrewDog a market cap of just under £150 million.

Not bad for a company that was founded in 2007 and has sourced most of its funds from avid followers.

Asset Match continues to work with BrewDog and runs their share auctions on an annual basis.

Joined Platform2014

Market Cap£147,413,000

Mountview House Group Limited

When you join Mountview House you become part of a family.

Best known for the iconic black cab company, Radio Taxis, the company operates a drivers and employees shareholder scheme.

As a closed-market, only colleagues working for one of the Group’s three subsidiaries, Radio Taxis, Xeta or One Transport can participate in Mountview House share auctions.

These are hosted by Asset Match four times a year and are very popular with employees.

The share scheme is so exclusive that if a shareholder leaves the company they have seven months in which to sell their shares.

It is a share scheme created by the company for the company and just one of the perks of joining the World’s first choice provider of on demand transport.

Joined Platform2015

Market Cap£2,037,200

IntegraFin Holdings Limited (Transact)

We have IntegraFin to thank for the creation of Asset Match, the UK’s first comprehensive private share trading platform.

Our co-founder, Stuart Lucas was an early investor in Integrafin in 2000. After 12 years of being locked-in and the company going from strength to strength he and other investors had no way to realise their assets.

Drawing on his experience working at the London Stock Exchange, Stuart, along with Iain Baillie, founded Asset Match to solve this problem.

Since the first auction was held in 2013 the value of shares in Transact has risen steadily from £91 in November 2013, and traded at £170 per share in February 2017.

Shareholders in private companies take note – it is often locked-in investors who are the catalyst for creating a market to buy and sell shares in private companies.

Joined Platform2013

Market Cap£193,800,000