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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Asset Match Connect 

Connect gives access to curated deal flow for our HNW and sophisticated investors. 

With our active involvement in private capital markets via Private Market and BookBuild, we are often shown deals and investment opportunities from investors, brokers and investment managers that do not fall neatly into those markets… but it would be a shame to let good opportunities go to waste, so we have created Connect to be an informal network of HNW and sophisticated investors who are looking to add to their portfolio of private equity investments. 

What kind of investments are selected for Connect? 

Opportunities that are shown to our Connect network range from secondary sales, fundraises (including tax-efficient investments such as S/EIS), single-company investments and managed investment funds. 

We look for investments with (in our view) significantly asymmetric risk-reward profiles caused by: pricing discounts; deal structure; inflection points; limited access; growth; and, likelihood and timing of exit etc. 

The typical ticket size is £25k+ (but does depend on the deal). 

Some examples of Connect investments 


  • £2m secondary placing of shares at a 46% discount to the next fundraise price just a few months later. 
  • Exit expected within three years of investment and 3-4x return. 



  • £1.3m secondary placing of shares held by an exiting co-founder representing 43% of the business. 
  • Placing was at a significant discount to the last funding round. 



  • £600k EIS investment in a fintech firm alongside institutional investors. 
  • Unrealised return of 8.75x in two years based on last institutional funding round. 


Interested in joining Connect? 

If you are an HNW or sophisticated investor and would like to receive investment opportunities from Connect, then please email to register your interest. 

Please note that this is exclusively for HNW or sophisticated investors as defined by The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005, and members may be required to be certified or self-certify before receiving access.