Buyback for Greenshields Agri

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Friday, February 11, 2022

Buyback for Greenshields Agri

In the January 2022 auction for Greenshields Agri Holdings plc (Greenshields Agri or the Company), the Company successfully bought back £900,000 of its own shares as part of an ongoing buyback facility. This takes the total value of Greenshields Agri shares traded on the Asset Match platform to c. £1.35m.

Asset Match worked with the Company and its professional advisers to put in place a buyback facility in October 2020 and which was renewed in October 2021. The facility is an important mechanism for the Company to return value and provide liquidity to shareholders – who have seen a steady increase in share price.

Are you interested in providing a buyback facility for your shareholders?

An increasing number of private companies, and public companies coming off market, are opting to use share buybacks and tender offers to provide liquidity for their shareholders. Find out more in our Knowledge Base article on share buybacks for private companies and contact us if you would like to know more.