London Metal Exchange admitted to trading on Asset Match

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Monday, November 21, 2022

We are pleased to welcome The London Metal Exchange ("LME"), a wholly owned subsidiary of LME Holdings Limited to the platform and announce its admission to the Asset Match Private Market. Asset Match has been appointed to operate a matched bargain trading facility by LME Holdings Limited in the companies B Shares.

The London Metal Exchange is the world centre for the trading of industrial metals – the majority of all non-ferrous metal futures business is transacted on its platforms.

In 2021, 145 million lots were traded at the LME equating to $15.6 trillion and 3.3 billion tonnes notional, with a market open interest (MOI) high of 2.1 million lots.

A member of HKEX Group, the LME brings together participants from the physical industry and the financial community to create a robust and regulated market. The Exchange provides producers and consumers of metal with a physical market of last resort and, most importantly of all, with the ability to hedge against the risk of rising and falling world metal prices.