New share trading service launched for Everton Football Club

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Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Asset Match, alongside Blankstone Sington and Albert E Sharp, have launched a new trading facility for Everton Football Club’s Ordinary Shares. A new quarterly auction will offer total transparency around the shares and prices on offer, putting share ownership within the reach of millions of everyday fans and investors.

The club was founded in 1878 and has huge fan base and a rich history having won numerous domestic trophies, including nine league titles and five FA Cups.

However, having only narrowly avoided regulation last season, and starting this Premier League season with three losses and one draw, the short term for the Toffees continues to look grim.

With heavy financial losses over the last five years Everton’s off-the-pitch performance also took another turn for the worst last week when it was announced that MSP Sports Capital, who was reported to be considering an injection of £150m into Everton, have now pulled out of talks with the club.

Despite this backdrop, other parties remain interested in investing in the historic Liverpool club, with speculation continuing about an imminent change of ownership and much needed cash injection.

The stunning new 52,000 seater, £760m, riverside stadium is also on track to be delivered in late 2024, which will transform the commercial potential of the club.

In addition to the main shareholder, Blue Heaven Holdings, around 1,500 people currently own shares in the club which total approximately 4.6% of the issued shares.

A number of these private shareholders requested that Everton Football Club Company Limited be admitted to trade on Asset Match, which has now been confirmed.  The new quarterly auction will detail all the shares on offer at the time, in addition to the price each share is bought and sold for.

The first auction closes at 3pm on the 27th September 2023.

Ben Weaver, Business Development Director for Asset Match commented:

“Asset Match are delighted to be able to offer a secondary dealing facility for Everton Football Club. Everton is a historic name in the world of football and with its new stadium progressing well optimism around the club appears to be high despite a difficult period on the pitch. We believe we can help support and build the legacy of Everton Football Club giving shareholders and new investors alike a chance to trade the club shares in a new and transparent manner giving everyone a chance to obtain the best possible outcome.”

Anyone interested should contact  – or Tel. 020 7248 2788.


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