Byotrol plc admitted to trading on Asset Match

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Wednesday, May 01, 2024

We are pleased to welcome Byotrol plc to the platform and announce its admission to the Asset Match Private Market.

Byotrol plc (BYOT) is a specialist infection prevention and control company, operating globally in the Animal and Human Healthcare sectors, providing low toxicity products with a broad-based and targeted efficacy across all microbial classes; bacteria, viruses (including coronavirus), fungi, moulds, mycobacteria and algae. Byotrol's products can be used stand-alone or as ingredients within existing products, where they can significantly improve their performance, within increasingly stringent regulatory environments.

The Company intends run a quarterly auction schedule in the Ordinary Shares. Shares were admitted to trading at 0.11 pence per share (the last traded price on AIM).

All relevant company and auction information can be found on the company page here.

Buy and sell orders are to be submitted via shareDeal active. For details on how to participate please refer to the auction instructions or alternatively contact or Tel 020 7248 2788.

If you wish to receive auction and company updates, please register on and add Byotrol plc to your Watchlist.